The Unexpected Place You Find Love Again

Thought Catalog

One of the best parts of my (already pretty awesome) job is that usually after I write something that’s a more of a personal narrative, I receive emails from readers who come asking questions… about me, about them, and about what I think they should do about something or other in their lives. Now, that’s a) hysterical because about a year and a half ago I was the last person that should be answering anybody’s life questions, and b) unbelievably flattering that someone would think I could. But the point of telling you this is that there is one commonality among the problems they tell me they have, and it usually revolves around how they stop hurting and learn to choose/find love again. And God isn’t that the saga of all of our lives? We’re either battling our inner demons before they completely eat us away or we’re struggling with them…

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