im tired of people always bailing on me. where the fuck do i even find these people? seriously…4th fucking time in 4 damn days. its weird that the people im closest with are the ones that have commitment issues. 

dunno whats going on with me today. i wish it would start raining. 

yesterday at the arcade this black guy and asian guy kept following me and staring at my boobs. fuck that…funny how i probably wouldnt have even noticed that before. guys suck. 

i wish i could be like pip. all she worries about is food. or going on a walk. or cats. 

the dreams are back. i feel like i just took like 10 steps backward. 

i should make a better effort at focusing on other things…like cleaning my room, applying for jobs, getting a dumb haircut, fixing my resume, and preparing for that 5k so im not crawling by the end of it. 


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