I think I just get sad about saturdays. Which sucks because saturdays are supposed to be the best days of the week.

Today dad said something that I thought was interesting. He said the people who can talk to strangers as if they’ve known them forever make the best politicians. It immediately reminded me of you. And then I thought about the time you told me that if a politician ever pissed me off or did me wrong, that I would completely be able to tear them apart and ruin them. So ironic. Dont think I ruined you but I’m sure I somewhat wrecked your shit.

Last night I dreamt about a lovebird I found while picking up trash. A baby lovebird that couldn’t fly even though it wanted to. And it could talk…hm.

To see a lovebird in your dream indicates that you are longing for or missing your partner.

Having difficulties staying in flight indicates a lack of power in controlling your own circumstances. You may be struggling to stay aloft or stay on set course. Things like power lines, trees, or mountains may be obstacles that you encounter in flight. These obstacles symbolize something or someone who is standing in your way in your waking life. You need to identify what or who is trying to prevent you from moving forward. Difficulty flying may also be an indication of a lack of confidence or some hesitation on your part. You need to believe in yourself and not be afraid.

To dream that you are saving the life of an animal, suggests that you are successfully acknowledging certain emotions and characteristics represented by the animal.  The dream may also stem from feelings of inadequacy or being overwhelmed. If you are setting an animal free, then it indicates an expression and release of your own primal desires.

To dream that animals can talk represent superior knowledge. Its message is often some form of wisdom.  Alternatively, a talking animal denotes your potential to be all that you can be.

To see piles of garbage in your dream represent rejected or unwanted aspects of yourself.

this dream thing is so interesting. i guess it means i just miss kevin and im having issues moving on. big surprise. its funny how the brain manifests these simple ideas in such complex ways.

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