It All Comes Together In The End (AKA How I Met Your Father)

Thought Catalog

Think about all the little things that got you to where you are now.

Think about every opportunity that seemed to fall into your lap. Think about all the things that could’ve gone differently. If you had arrived just a second later, or earlier. If you had talked with person A over person B. Think about how incredibly low the odds are that you would ever be where you are now.

Once upon a time, Facebook was a brand new tool for college students to make friends and meet up. I know that sounds as sketchy as finding a date off of Myspace, but, back in 2005, that is what you did. You posted everything from where you were living on campus to your class schedule, and you found people who were in the same dorm as you, who were taking the same classes as you…shit, you’d friend people because…

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