How To Decipher A ‘Complicated Person’

Thought Catalog

I was hanging out with a friend recently (let’s call him James) when we passed a cheapish department store. Glancing up at the neon display, he sneered, “Ugh, I would never shop there.” A familiar anger flushed my face, one that accompanies elitist comments from people I like. But then I remembered his “complex.” The problem is, James has a weird thing about money. More specifically, people with money. He was the least wealthy kid at a private school his entire life, and occasionally still tries to overcompensate by being more tone-deaf than the actual rich people I know. But it’s only occasional, and no matter how much it bothers me, is never enough reason to stop being friends. James is what you might call a “complicated person.” He says things he doesn’t mean. He harbors resentments. I know, deep down, he isn’t really a snob.

It made me think…

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