The Benefit Of The Doubt Is Going Extinct In The Age Of Information

Thought Catalog

Let me break it down for you. If I don’t immediately respond to your text, I am most likely:

A. at work
B. in a meeting
C. spending time with friends
D. getting shot at in Call of Duty, which is not the best time to look at my phone.
E. napping
F. running
G. on the subway
H. in an area that has no service
I.  recharging my dead battery

Any time you find yourself waiting for a text from me, please refer to the list above and assume I’m doing one of these actions. However, I can assure you I’m not doing one of the following:

A. sleeping with someone who is decidedly not you
B. purposely ignoring your text

Why must you assume I’m doing one of these two things? Do you think in binary? You have such a limited imagination. Why can’t you assume I’m actually…

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