my parents are getting on my last nerve. whats the point in acting like assholes and yelling at me about everything when you could just sit down and ask and listen to me. fuck this house. 





im really confused with myself.

i dont really get where its all coming from. normally in situations like this people would just consider it over and done with. especially considering the way he treated me. hes not even doing anything to make me feel like this but its still there. i dont get it. why do i even miss him so much? its not like i see him or even talk to him, that talking doesnt even count as talking. so where the heck is it coming from?

i honestly can’t figure it out…am i just being really lonely? or do i really have real legitimate feelings? because it doesnt make sense…if anyone else treated me this way i would have dropped them in a second. hell, i have done it in the past. so why cant i do it now?


nothing makes any freaking sense.

my brain feels like one giant scribble and i cant even think about anything else. i wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it.

i just wish it would all go away.


“You have so much love to give.”

“I know. It’s terrible.”


“Because … nobody wants it.”


fucking dreams.

and so many fucking questions. 



its funny how okay everyone thinks i am and how okay im really not.

i think ive gotten too good at this. and it kinda scares me.



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